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10Money.com: 21st Century Money Secrets!

The tips at this site can help almost anyone improve their financial situation by thousands of dollars, and probably much more.  No doubt you've seen many financial sites that cover some financial topics in great depth.  10Money.com covers nearly all financial topics, condensing everything down to what you really need to know.  The sites that cover many financial topics down to almost the last detail are actually not as worth your time because they have a lot of information you don't need.  This means 10Money.com will give you more financial value per minute spend reading than virtually any other site!  This site will help you round out your financial education, so you won't miss out on important financial tips that can really benefit you.

There are many books that could teach you how to improve your financial picture by thousands of dollars.  Those books are usually specialized works for people who already have a deep financial education, and they're written with lots of confusing technical language.  The pages here were written to be very helpful to everyone, and they're a fairly quick read.  I invite you to take a look and see if you agree!

  1. Banks and Finance:  This page is about finding the best ways to let your money work for you, saving you time and money.  The Internet has some excellent information on finance (if you know where to look.)  Your banker may be a nice guy, but don't let him walk off with any more of your money than necessary!

  2. Car Savings:  Car salesmen often turn on the pressure with car buyers, so you can really get gypped if you don't take the time to compare offers, examine all your options and think about what you really want.  This section covers what to think about when buying cars, and how to operate them inexpensively.

  3. Best Career Moves:  There are plenty of ways to improve your career prospects and save on the costs of employment.  If you're feeling overwhelmed and underappreciated at work, these articles can really help your career!

  4. Best Credit Cards:  This page lists cards that have a low introductory rate, or a low permanent Annual Percentage Rate ("APR").  These cards can be used to pay off more expensive credit cards, high-rate auto loans, and so forth.  You can even find cash-back credit cards on this page that will reward you with cash rebates on your purchases of to 5%!

  5. Health Savers:  This page will show you the best tips you can employ to safeguard your health, at the lowest possible expense.  An investment in preventive health is probably the best investment you can make!  Read these articles and take some of the financial pain out of modern medicine!

  6. Home Buying & Selling:  You can often save more money with your home-buying decisions than anything else.  Yet, many people make their biggest financial mistakes with these big-ticket items.  If you buy the right home at the right time and maintain it well, rising real estate values can turn your home into your best investment.

  7. Insurance Savings:  This page will give you tips to help you save as much money as you can on insurance.  Savings are almost always possible, as the Internet encourages insurance companies to become more efficient and competitive.  It pays to check up on insurance rates every few years.

  8. Investing Tools:  Here are the best tools we've seen on the Internet to help you maximize your investment returns.  Investing is a very complicated science, so your success can ultimately come only through further careful study of market principles.  Try to develop your investing savvy so you don't have to rely too much on the advice of your broker.

  9. Internet Freebies:  Many free offers are available on the Web, too many to cover on one page.  Sometimes Web sites will offer freebies in order to rapidly increase membership.  Sometimes they want you to fill out a survey to get the freebie, so they can know their customers better and market more products to them.  Here's the most worthwhile freeb offers we've found.

  10. Shopping Savers:  Consider doing more of your shopping on the Internet.  You can buy almost anything you need online:  groceries, appliances, cars and almost any luxury you can imagine.  There are coupons, and you can easily buy cheap used goods.  And you don't need to expend the time and gas money it takes to drive to the store.

  11. Starting A Business:  It's easy and profitable for almost anyone to start a business, so there's no reason why you  shouldn't get a piece of business prosperity.

  12. Starting A Web Site:  It used to be that to make money one the Internet, you needed little more than a web page maker and a little common sense.  It's not nearly so easy as it was around the turn of the century, but it's still possible to succeed if you have enough business sense and you give it enough time.

  13. Tax Savings, Business:  Having your own business has often been called "the best tax shelter in America."  The line between business and pleasure is often fuzzy.  You'll often be able to combine the two, and take a tax deduction at the same time.  Just make sure you you keep your tax deductions within IRS regulations.

  14. Tax Savings, Personal:  The articles on this page can save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars.  Each article quotes the dollar amount you can save, assuming you're in the standard 28% tax bracket.  This means that for every $100 in deductions, you'll save $28.

  15. Thrift Tips:  Let's face it, we're a nation of overspenders.  Advertisements induce us to buy a lot of stuff that isn't really worthwhile, and credit cards enable us to delay the financial consequences of overspending.  On a more personal level, people often buy material goods because they hope to impress others with a status symbol.  In reality, it is your personal qualities that will impress or turn away other people.  The more money you spend, the more time you'll have to work, and that means you'll have less time and energy for your own life.

  16. Utility/Telephone Savings:  Some incredible savings can be gained by using the tips in this section.  These tips will also help conserve natural resources, which will reduce polution, cut America's trade deficit, and ensure that our children will enjoy a prosperous and happy future.

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